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CEO & Executive Director

Limitless Moments, LLC

Leah is the CEO and Executive Director of Limitless Moments, LLC (LM). LM is a corporation created to provide LIMITLESS access to local businesses, events, entertainment, and services. Established in 2020, LM bloomed from a vision to a platform for networking, promoting, and supporting local brands and events. 


Our mission is to assist our clients in finding exceptional products and services, for every moment life presents. We work with a vast variety of brands.

Business Consultant & Administrative Assistant

Limitless Moments, LLC

Specializing in Coordinating, Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media Management, and Content Creative Direction; Limitless Moments, LLC develops a special plan to enlighten each brand we highlight. 

Stimulating from the scriptures Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 and James 1:4, we strive to remind our client's there is no LIMIT; for every moment has a purpose. Endure and grow so that you shall lack nothing. 


Founder & Leader

Limitless Girls, TM

L.i.m.i.t.l.e.s.s. G.i.r.l.s., TM is a girls support group of babes with beauty, businesses, and brains. Founded in 2020, LG strives to be an outlet and encourage young ladies to persevere by embracing the things that make them unique. 

From the age range of 14 through 35, young ladies typically go through many transitional phases. Most experience traumas affecting them mentally, physically, and emotionally. Oftentimes, womxn go through it alone questioning their existence.

Without proper guidance and encouragement, it becomes a struggle for young ladies to find themselves. Which leaves them to conform to what society wants them to be instead of living their lives according to God’s divine plan.

Our mission as sisters of the L.i.m.i.t.l.e.s.s. G.i.r.l.s., TM program is to be an outlet, empower, assist, and support our fellow sisters throughout their daily lives.

Reminding our sisters that there is no limit to what they can do. Especially when they know whom and who they are in the midst of it all.

Host & Creative Director

Thee Ros3 Room

Amongst many titles, Leah is the Host and Creative Director of Thee Ros3 Room (TRR). Thee Ros3 Room is a podcast, blog, and journal hosted by Leah Akers. L.A. strives to motivate young ladies of the age range 18 to 25 to InHAEL the past, and ExHAEL the present. Thee Ros3 Room is a safe space of radiating energy where we dive deep and explore thee Layers of Leah. 

#GetUpAndGrow with L.A.  where we get RAW. REAL. and REVOLUTIONARY. as we explore the authentic version of ourselves; for transparency and clarity. We are the roses that grow from concrete.

"Get Up And Grow, And Walk-in Favor"

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