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One Second...

Good Morning, Beautiful —

Take a second, I insist. Take a moment to acknowledge your feelings. Our hearts are so so heavy right now. We need a break! Life’s taking so many twists and turns; and it is sending our anxiety through the roof. Between the Election, social media, family, health, bills, relationships, etc; I don’t know which raises my pressure higher! I’m enraged and so confused. None of this makes sense. And, it’s okay, because it’s not supposed to.

Truly, the only thing we can do is trust God’s divine plan. That’s the key to mastering life’s challenges right now. Hold your head high knowing that He holds the keys in His hands. Remind yourself you are a child of the King, Queen. He is in control. He’s ordering each of our steps.

In all of this, we have to take some time to R.E.S.T., #ROSEBUD. Take your mind off of the things that are distracting your peace. InHAEL the past, ExHAEL the present. Try to focus on the moment and take a brief break to r3align yours3lf. You ar3 good.

Love & Light,


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